Livermore Chamber of Commerce

Film Commission Members

Scott Haggerty
Alameda County Supervisor

Rachael Snedecor
Livermore Downtown Association

Wendy Madden
Goal Line Productions

Chris Foss
Representing the City of Dublin

Stephan Kiefer
Representing the City of Livermore

Pam Ott
Representing the City of Pleasanton

Donna Garrison
Board Member of C.I.F.F.

Derek Zemrak
Producer, Founder of C.I.F.F.

Wilson Wu
Bay Area Location Scout

Chuck Headley

Livermore Valley Film Commission Logo

Filmstrip with Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton logos


Thank you!

Thank you to Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty and Chevron for their support.

Supervisor Scott Haggerty