Livermore Valley Film Commission

Livermore Valley Film Commission

Filming in the Livermore Valley is great because we have:

  • One-stop permitting
  • An experienced staff that breaks down scripts, scouts locations, facilitates permits, and stays with projects during production
  • Empty mansions, warehouses and industrial parks in addition to neighborhoods that span every economic level and look
  • Charming downtowns that can be shot for any town USA
  • Modern office buildings
  • A local hospital that has empty space available with great interior and exterior vistas
  • One of the largest wind farms in the country
  • Rural sites and beautiful vineyards
  • County jail open to shooting
  • National laboratories which have been used for filming
  • The experienced crews of Northern California
  • County fair grounds
  • An abundance of hotel rooms and restaurants close to all locations ranging from top of the line to more moderate crew facilities
  • Livermore Valley is located 20 minutes east of Oakland International Airport
  • Weather is production friendly. Average temperature is 73 degrees during the days with cooler nights
  • Average rainfall is around 14 inches

The California Film Commission administers the Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0 which provides tax credits to qualified productions that are produced in California. Program 2.0 offers tax credits to TV projects and feature films with several application periods each fiscal year.

We are a proud member of Film Liaisons in California Statewide (FLICS).

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Contact Information

Jeanie Haigh
Film Office Director
Phone: 925-447-1606 x204
Cell: 510-409-6754
[email protected]

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