To order any of the following items, please contact the Livermore Valley Chamber Office online or call 925-447-1606. We accept cash, check (make payable to the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce), Visa, MC, and American Express.

Benefits for Members Only

Mailing Labels

  • Cost: $65.00
  • Payment is due at the time of pickup
  • Quantity: One (1) set of mailing labels of all active members

Electronic Roster

  • Cost: $100.00
  • Payment is due at the time of order
  • Quantity: One (1) electronic roster of all active members
  • Can be formatted for Microsoft Word or Excel

Available to Members and Non-Members

Relocation/Visitor Packets

  • Members: no charge
  • Non-Members: no charge, $5 for each packet mailed

Livermore Valley Chamber Business Directory

  • No charge

Livermore Maps

  • Members: No charge
  • Non-Members: $1 for each copy

Conference Room Rental

Certificate of Origin

  • Members: No Charge
  • Non-Members: $250 per certificate