The talented artist Jami Butler, wanted to create something to unify the Livermore community. What do the images and colors symbolize?  The four colors on the mural represent the colors used in the LVCC brand.   Jami incorporated four hands of different colors holding each other as a symbol of unity.  The design and pattern styles are based on the Japanese art of Kintsaguri, a well-known artistic practice that incorporates the use of  gold to mend broken pieces of pottery. Jami interpreted this as a symbol – the use of precious metal to repair, strengthen, increase value and make something more beautiful.

Visit us at 2157 First Street and check out the “Together” mural on the rear wall of our building!

The Together Mural Images

Livermore Chamber of Commerce Mural

Thank You to Our Mural Sponsors!

Independent Women Brokers
Intersect Power
Ponderosa Homes
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