Leadership Livermore Class in Sacramento

Leadership Livermore: Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders…

Leadership Livermore is a nine-month (October through June) program of the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the City of Livermore. The class, which is held one day each month, brings approximately 25 participants together to get a behind-the-scenes look at the community and to build relations with other leaders. Leadership Livermore is an ideal program for business executives and future leaders who will benefit from an instant “in” to who’s who in the community and the State of California.

How to apply

Note: The 2023-2024 class registration is open!

Day one is a day filled with introductions. You will meet your fellow classmates and we will spend time familiarizing you with the Leadership program and learn what to look forward to in the months to come. You will hear about local Livermore History and experience aspects of the city you might have never known before. You can relax and enjoy fabulous speakers and tours on the history of Livermore and visions for the future.

This interactive day is full of energy and creativity! City Department Heads present on the different roles in the City and how internal operations work. You will take a guided bus tour of Livermore that will finish with and lunch with Mayor Bob Woerner.

The day ends with you becoming a member of city council in a Mock City Council Meeting. Each class member will have an opportunity to transform themselves into a member of the city council; you might have the opportunity be the Mayor of Livermore, Vice Mayor, a council member or even a heated audience member.

There may be many large businesses located in your hometown that you never knew existed or you would have never guessed were located right here in Livermore. Big Business Day is all about educating you on some distinctive businesses located in your hometown of Livermore. You will then tour multiple large business throughout the city that are truly unique and Livermore is proud of. Your eyes will be opened and we hope that you will have a new found appreciation for some amazing businesses located right in your backyard.

The day will be an overview of available health & human service programs in the Livermore area, along with visits to the various agencies you will see how essential these services are to the overall health of the community.

Livermore is proud to be known as wine country; home to more than 50 wineries. Viticulture/ Agriculture Day allows you to explore The Livermore Valley wine history and the history of Agriculture and Viticulture in Livermore. You will tour wineries, have conversations with the winemakers and understand the production of olive oil in Livermore. This day will leave you with a wealth of knowledge about The Livermore Valley wine country and leave you with many new places you can share with your family and friends.

By the day’s end you will know the inner working of the Livermore School District. Speakers will touch on Livermore school district’s curriculum, fiscal issues and give an overview of the district. You will then travel to Las Positas College and learn firsthand why Las Positas College is such a remarkable asset to our community.

We always hear about The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and The Sandia National Laboratories in the news but have you ever wondered what actually goes on inside? Lab day will be a chance to get a glimpse of what happens inside the walls of the Laboratories that give Livermore so much publicity around the world.

During the first half of the day you will be given the rare opportunity to spend the day with your local fire fighters and police officers. You will be learning safety tactics from the very individuals who keep our community safe. They will teach you skills by conducting a variety of seminars and interactive activities.

You will then be summoned to an Alameda County Courtroom. You will tour the court and view actual cases being heard by the Judge. During this part of the day you will learn about the inner workings of the court room and gain some insight into our judicial system.

The class will take a field trip to Sacramento to meet with the area’s Assemblyperson and State Senator. After a tour of the Capital building they will sit in on a committee meeting or a meeting of legislature depending on time constraints.