UNCLE Credit Union’s Wealth Management Division Provides Premium Value for Members and a Promising Area of Growth

In an intensely competitive industry, maintaining a course of steady growth has enabled UNCLE Credit Union to prosper and thrive as a vital resource in the Tri-Valley and beyond for more than six decades. From a strong financial foundation rooted in service to our Livermore community, UNCLE continues to build enduring value for its members with a robust array of innovative financial solutions. Since 2013, this has expanded to a full spectrum of investment and financial planning services that now complement the financial cooperative’s diverse offerings in personal banking, consumer and auto loans, mortgage products and business banking solutions.

Leveraging their partnership with CUSO Financial Services, LP (CFS), UNCLE has developed a Wealth Management Division that combines solid expertise with award-winning technology to help members reach financial goals in areas of asset growth, income generation, wealth protection and legacy planning. Using a holistic approach, UNCLE’s wealth management team works closely with individuals and families to define and refine their goals and create an actionable plan with specific steps to achieve them. Ongoing program development and support from CFS as well as industry-leading analytic and reporting capabilities ensure that advisors keep a steady finger on the pulse of market trends and utilize best practices. In addition, interactive financial planning tools including digital advice solutions are made available on UNCLE’s secure online Financial Management Center (FMC) for do-it-yourself investors.

According to Bob O’Connor, registered investment advisor through CFS, “A major advantage of working with our team is that we provide financial insight and education to guide our clients toward the best possible decisions for their personal financial situation, and avoid common pitfalls. For many of our members, this gives them the confidence and motivation they need to make those initial changes that can significantly improve their financial well-being and long-term outlook.”

UNCLE Credit Union President and CEO Harold Roundtree added, “While the level of direct management and support can vary based on individual needs, what is consistent is a fiduciary standard for always acting in the best interest of our members when making recommendations. Essentially, we avoid using a one-size-fits-all approach to steer a client toward a particular product or service. Instead, we focus on providing customized advice and optimal solutions based on a member’s overall financial picture, desires, aspirations and tolerance for risk.”

The credit union’s wealth management services include, but are not limited to: budgeting and building emergency accounts, portfolio construction, managed account solutions, college planning, mortgage strategies, insurance solutions, retirement planning, tax planning and transfer of wealth solutions. For more information, visit https://www.unclecu.org/wealth-management.