Corporate Games Team Building…

Bringing people together- in-person or virtually

In this world of high-tech communication options, how do you maximize meetings and get team members together so they can work more effectively? Corporate Games provides you with the fastest, most efficient and entertaining ways to accomplish this goal. With proven training techniques and the widest variety of custom team building activities, you reap the benefits of accelerated learning and enhanced team performance.

Widest Range of Activities

Fantastic design and construction events, creative video activities, unique orienteering hunts, fun and physical group problem solving events, virtual escape rooms, team monopoly and more!. We also provide serious Team Building and Leadership programs —and we are excellent meeting facilitators. We travel throughout the United States and internationally.

Team Building Experts

Our activities are led by professionals, who have extensive training and years of experience. They are energetic, people-oriented, communicators who know how to engage everyone on your team. They make teamwork fun!

Cynthia Shon is the President and founder of Corporate Games (Est. 1991). She has a degree in Educational Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and is a former sales and marketing executive and corporate trainer. She is an accomplished speaker, advocate of life-long education, and is a pioneer in developing business workshops that are interactive and engaging. Having written and published articles and manuals on Team Building, Cynthia has taught workshops on a variety of subjects ranging from “Serious Team Building” to Customer Service, Communication Skills and more.

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