Livermore Valley Education FoundationDid you know? Local businesses are perfectly poised to impact education in a positive way in our city—and these contributions are not only a one way street! By investing any combination of time and money you choose, your business opens itself to opportunities to flourish when you partner with education.

The Livermore Valley Education Foundation recommends a variety of ways that businesses can support students while also reaping the rewards of being involved with local schools:

  • Try contacting high school career centers and posting job opportunities with them
  • Schools also offer lunchtime presentations where local businesses can highlight the skill sets needed to succeed in your particular business
  • Middle schools offer career day presentation spots as well
  • Businesses that support education gain wide visibility throughout the community, providing opportunities to students who may become future employees

One never knows what will spark a young person to follow a certain career path and this is definitely the right age group to target! To find more information about contacting the local school of your choice and become more involved, visit the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District’s web site at or call 925-606-3200.

For more information about the Livermore Valley Education Foundation and partnership fundraising opportunities, contact LVEF at [email protected].