Livermore Sanitation RecycleIt’s Easy to be Green This Holiday Season!

Small changes in your holiday routine can add up to big reductions in waste!

Try these tips:

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle with Green Gifts!

  • Send electronic greeting cards to reduce paper waste.
  • Give low-waste items such as gift cards, event tickets, or potted plants that can be planted in the Spring.
  • Shop local and avoid the packaging that accompanies shipping items. If you do order items online-try to combine orders as much as possible cut down on shipping materials.
  • Support a charity or cause by shopping for gently-used treasures at local resale and thrift shops.
  • Encourage waste reduction by giving reusable totes, food containers, water bottles and travel mugs as gifts.
  • Preserve the planet with environmentally-minded gifts such as learning thermostats, smart light switches and water filters.

Get Creative with Wrapping!

  • Wrap gifts in reusable, recycled/recyclable, or compostable materials.
  • Save and reuse ribbons, wrap, and other packaging.
  • Donate packing peanuts to a local mailing or shipping store. Find locations at

PLEASE NOTE: Metallic wrapping paper, most ribbons and bows, cellophane, and polystyrene packaging are not recyclable through curbside collection. Avoid contaminating the recycling stream by placing non-recyclable packaging and wrapping materials in your gray Garbage cart or bin. Secure small items in a bag to prevent litter.

Think Green When Decorating.

  • Choose LED holiday lights instead of traditional incandescent lights.
  • Reuse decorations instead of buying new ones every year.
  • Get crafty! Make decorations out of edible materials that can be tastily enjoyed or easily composted.
  • Compost your holiday tree. Use the Livermore Sanitation curbside tree collection program. Please make sure your tree is free of any lights, decorations and the stand.

Think Green When Hosting Meals – Avoid Food Waste!

40% of food gets wasted in our country. There’s no better way to give thanks for our food than

by making sure none of it goes to waste.

  • Promote smaller portions. Set out smaller serving spoons, use smaller plates or serve everyone smaller helpings.
  • Cook only what you need. Use the “Guest-imator” to estimate how much food you will need for your meal.
  • Share any leftovers with family, friends, or donate untouched leftovers. For information on local food donation please visit:
    • Open Heart Kitchen:
    • Tri-Valley Haven:
  • Don’t trash the scraps. Peelings, trimmings and bones can be used to make homemade stock. Freeze the extra to use later.
  • Still have leftover inedible food? Put all unusable food scraps and food-soiled paper in your green Organics cart or bin!

For more information and food-saving tips please visit:

Remember to reduce waste at meals by skipping the single-use items. Use cloth napkins and reusable dishes (dust off the fancy china!), glasses, and silverware.

Properly sort your waste! Have containers for your guests to use. Make and print your own signs at:

Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us at Livermore Sanitation!