Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business 

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One can’t underestimate the importance of having a Personalized Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business. As a business owner or manager, you probably already know what you want to accomplish this year, this month, or even this week.

A good Marketing Strategy provides a blueprint or outline for what needs to be done in order for you to quickly and effectively accomplish your goals.

To build brand credibility, it is important that your Marketing Strategy is customized to your business.  Advertising is not “One Size Fits All.” Even within the same industry, while it is important to do research and be aware of what your competitors are doing, you should have a personalized marketing strategy for your small business, your customers, your geography etc.


  1. What is your core messaging strategy and what do you want to communicate? Your message should align closely with your marketing goals.  For instance, if e-commerce businesses focus on promoting seasonal offers or products, their goal is to boost sales.  But, on the other hand, a B2B advertiser is more likely to ask a user to connect with them by filling out a form or requesting more information about the business.
  2. Keep your messaging concise and consistent.  Stick with the one to two themes that most effectively get your message across.


  1. A solid and detailed marketing strategy coupled with multiple platforms and channels allows you to reach the right audience and get your message across more effectively.  The more places they see you, the more likely they are to engage with you.
  2. Concentrate on generating engagement and interaction among your audience while establishing several touch points.
  3. Keep your message clear and similar across all platforms and touch points.

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