When compostable materials like food scraps, paper, and plant trimmings break down in landfills, they produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas and contributor to climate change.

New California state law (SB 1383) will help keep compostable materials out of landfills. In Alameda County, the Organics Reduction & Recycling Ordinance will be put in place to help residents and businesses comply with the regulations set by the state.

The local law will be implemented through a partnership between the City of Livermore, Livermore Sanitation, StopWaste, and Alameda County Environmental Health Departments.

Senate Bill 1383 – What Does This New Law Mean

For My Business or Multifamily Property?

  • All sites must have compost and recycling collection service. Contact LSI to start or improve your recycling and composting!
  • Compost and recycling bins must be placed next to all garbage bins, including indoors, except in restrooms. Items must also be properly sorted into the bins.
  • Free help and indoor green bins are available.
  • Large businesses that generate surplus edible food—such as grocery stores, food distributors, and large restaurants—must donate food to food recovery organizations.
  • For more information or to request free help, visit: www.StopWaste.org/Rules

To view this information in another language, visit: www.StopWaste.org/rules-languages

Food Scraps and Food-Soiled Paper Belong in the Organics Cart or Bin

Put non-donatable food items in your green Organics cart or bin. Remember to keep it clean and avoid a contamination fee:

NØ Styrofoam®

NØ Plastic

NØ Glass

NØ Metal

For a full list of what belongs in your green Organics bin or cart, visit: www.LivermoreSanitation.com.

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