With the holiday upon us, we here at Livermore Sanitation want to share some new information on the recycle front, helpful tips and ideas to help get you through the holidays and beyond.  We would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

Trash Talk – Keeping the Recyclables Clean!

In July 2017, China announced “National Sword,” a change in its import policies that has a profound impact on recycling efforts in California. Strict new contaminant thresholds went into effect January 2018, and have been applied to certain grades of paper, and import bans on mixed paper and various grades of post-consumer plastics, resulting in very limited markets for mixed paper and various plastic containers.

The cleanest and most efficient sorting starts with you, the generator.

  • Please remember to place recyclable materials only in your blue Recyclables carts and/or bins.
  • Empty, rinse or wipe all recyclable plastic, metal and glass containers to prevent contamination.
  • Garbage, Organics and Hazardous Waste, such as household batteries and light bulbs, DO NOT belong in the Recyclables containers!

Avoid “Wishcycling”. Many times something you may think is recyclable actually isn’t. Items that are not recyclable cause contamination, damage sorting machinery, and make it so recyclables end up in a landfill. Make sure everything you put into the blue Recyclables cart and/or bin belongs.

Common “Wishcycled” Items that DO NOT belong in the blue Recyclables cart and/or bin:

  • Chip/snack packaging
  • Film plastic/plastic wrap
  • Crockery/dish ware
  • Styrofoam (blocks, food ware, packaging peanuts)
  • Bubble wrap
  • CDs & VHS tapes
  • Plastic plates/cups/cutlery
  • Small appliances

For a list of what belongs in each cart, common contaminants, and links to how to properly dispose of hazardous waste, visit www.LivermoreSanitation.com.

Don’t forget to Refuse, Reduce and Reuse Before You Recycle!  Small changes in your purchasing habits and daily routine can make a big impact!

REPAIR INSTEAD OF PURCHASE. Before you replace an item, see if it can be repaired. If you do purchase something new, find the highest quality/longest lasting most durable option possible.

OPT FOR USED PRODUCTS. Reuse what you already have or purchase a “gently used” item from a resale/thrift shop. Browse resale websites or share/trade items with friends and neighbors.

AVOID PURCHASING PRODUCTS WITH EXCESSIVE PACKAGING. Choose items with sustainable, reusable and recyclable packaging. Avoid single-serve and single-use items. Skip the straw at restaurants.

CHOOSE REUSABLES. Shop with reusable bags and totes, bring your travel mug to the coffee shop and carry a reusable water bottle with you!

STOP UNWANTED MAIL. Reduce paper in your recycling cart.

Beginning January 1, 2019: New Organics Recycling Requirements for Commercial Businesses! Are you compliant? Businesses that have 4 cubic yards or more of garbage service per week are required to have an organics collection program in place. Not sure if you produce enough organic materials to require organic service? Per the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, if you dispose of less than 10 gallons of organics into a garbage cart or less than 20 gallons of organics into a garbage bin, you may not require organic service.

More information about California Regulation AB 1826 can be found at: calrecycle.ca.gov/recycle/commercial/organics.

Livermore Sanitation can help! Weekly pick-up of one 96-gallon recycling cart and one 96-gallon organics cart is included at no additional cost to commercial customers. Additional service above this level is available at discounted rates. Contact Livermore Sanitation for an onsite waste and recycling assessment to help determine adequate service levels for your business.

When in Doubt, Find Out!

If you have any questions regarding the Livermore Sanitation collection program, please contact us:

Phone: 925-449-7300

Email: [email protected]reSanitation.com

Website: www.LivermoreSanitation.com

Together we can all make a difference. We thank you for your efforts!