“Our people are our most valuable asset”. We’ve heard this from companies many times, and we know it’s true. That’s why it’s surprising that many companies fail to actively harness and develop their team’s culture and performance.

Deliver a powerful customer experience, and you will be unstoppable

What is your company’s culture?

As a business owner, you understand the link between team culture and performance. Winning companies have a winning culture, pure and simple. An actively managed team culture propels the company forward, builds talent, builds your brand, and opens up strategic opportunities.

The key phrase is “actively managed”. Your team has a culture. The question: is it the culture you want? Answer these Yes/No questions to find out:

1. We are unable to find people with “the right stuff”.

2. Our strategic options are limited.

3.  We have a “bench strength” problem. Our next generation of leaders is not up to the task (or we don’t have enough of them).

If your answer to any of these questions is a “Yes”, take some time to think about the company culture you want, and what actions your firm is taking to build that culture. You may want to conduct the following exercise at your next staff meeting: have each member of your team write down their description of the company’s culture  on their own. Compare notes amongst the group and discuss how it’s driving the firm’s success, and what the company is doing to building a winning culture.

Dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve more!

-Coach Alay