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LIVERMORE, CA, September 20, 2017 – In a recent survey conducted by the National Financial Educator’s Council, 50% of respondents chose Money Management as the #1 high school level course that would impact their life the most. This was more than any other answer combined. Likewise, more than 50% of employees admit being pre-occupied at work due to financial stress.

Where did you learn about personal money management? Most people would agree this necessary, but not always basic skill set, is largely lacking from our public educational curriculum. Most people learn through experience, some are lucky enough to have knowledgable mentors, spouses or parents whose advice they actually follow. After the 2008 National Economic Crash, just about everyone knows a family that has lost their home due to a bad loan deal, a friend or business owner that has gone bankrupt, or someone (of any age) saddled with  higher education loans or consumer debt. Money is something that so many people struggle with despite the educational resources available from private and public sources.

To help bridge the gap in personal finance education, a local entrepreneur has founded The Money Boss. Michelle Boss, a mom of four and Certified Financial Education Instructor wants to help children and adults alike learn money management skills to reach their personal lifestyle goals. “We are taught so much in school about how to have a career, but are left to learn one of life’s most fundamental lessons from family, friends or on our own. The problem is, we all don’t have parents or mentors that have true financial wellness in their own lives. I want to inspire people into action for their own financial well being.”

The Money Boss provides coaching and education to individuals and groups, including employees as a workplace benefit. More and more employers are providing this type of course to employees because it is practical, and people are very interested in this information. Not only are live workshops on financial wellness a key tool in helping keep employees focused on work rather than financial stress, but perks like this are also increasingly becoming a recruiting tool.

A key component of reaching more people and giving back to the community is through The Money Boss signature Lunch-and-Learn series. For every Corporate Wellness workshop or speaking engagement delivered, Michelle will present at a local school or community organization to ensure young people are talking and thinking about money too.

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy more freedom with their time. This freedom, and the ability to make a larger impact in the world, only comes about when you posses the skills and confidence to take effective actions in your own ever-changing financial needs.

To learn more about how The Money Boss can step up your financial wellness, or that of your organization, visit Ms. Boss can be contacted directly at [email protected]. The Money Boss is also seeking grant and sponsorship opportunities to reach young and/or disadvantaged demographic groups.