Great tips for the business owner who’s got a tiny marketing budget and BIG ideas:

Small business owners don’t need a big marketing budget to make a big impact on their bottom line. Instead, entrepreneurs can take advantage of their creativity in their attempt to spread the word about their business. Here are 3 examples of small business owners who have been able to successfully market their businesses on a budget by relying on their creativity.

Social media campaigns


Case Study #1: An event planner coordinated a social media campaign designed to boost her wedding planning services.

“This summer, we created the terms #WeddingBlissWednesday and #TipsfromTiff social media campaigns. Every week, we post information and photos related to events and event planning. We’ve continued this campaign over the past three months and have increased traffic to our home site by 62 percent and our online presence by 40 percent.” – Tiffany Gillespie, event coordinator,
 To The “T” Events

Giving talks at conferences


Got the gift of gab? Talented writer? Use it to boost your business.

Case Study #2:

“I started my firm 12 years ago and have gotten dozens of clients over the 
years by giving talks at conferences, trade
shows, industry events, universities and others. I have also written
 articles for online publications, mainstream media and blogs.” – Paige Arnof-Fenn, founder and CEO,
 Mavens & Moguls 

Charitable marketing


Give and it shall be given.

Case Study #3:

“I have a photography business and one of my divisions
 focuses on pets. I’ve found some of the best marketing is charitable
 marketing by partnering with a local rescue or shelter. I offer a
 discounted session fee to their donors and 100 percent of the session fee gets 
donated by me back to the charity. It raises funds for the shelter, gives 
the donors a special opportunity, and my name gets in front of many
 qualified potential clients — of course, some of those become new clients!” – Nicole Begley, Owner, Nicole Begley Photography

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