Helen Owens, Her Secret, Livermore, CA

Helen Owens, Her Secret

Over 30 million women in the United States share a secret. Regardless of their race, ethnicity, economic background or educational levels, they are joined by the indignity of having lost their hair or experiencing hair thinning. In a world where a woman’s hairstyle can speak to her status in life, professionalism and overall success, not being able to embrace her “crowning glory” can negatively affect her self-confidence and self-esteem.

In days previous, women losing their hair were relegated to wearing wigs that looked and felt unnatural, and often fell off during any level of activity. Today, there are a plethora of hairpieces, synthetic or human hair extensions, and machine made lace front wigs available to consumers, promising wearers an immediate semi-permanent remedy to their hair loss concerns. But access to such a large volume of hairpieces without intervention from a trained professional can certainly be cause for concern. Many of us have heard warnings about the damage hair extensions can cause to the hair and scalp when improperly applied, making the process of finding a true hair loss solution even more daunting.

The truth is that a hair weaving, hair extensions or non-surgical hair replacement solution for hair thinning is much more than simply purchasing a wig or hairpieces to manage coverage. It requires involving a highly experienced professional who can provide both an appropriate diagnosis of a woman’s hair loss and/or scalp disorder and a coverage option that’s tailored for her condition. Relegating a customer to a hair extension technique or hair replacement method simply because it’s in keeping with current trends – or because it’s easily obtained on the Internet or in a local beauty supply store – is clearly unfair to women who are seeking a beauty regimen that’s healthy and customized to their needs.

Hair loss experts who are customer-focused will always consider myriad factors when creating a hairweaving, hair replacement, or hair extensions solution. Women with alopecia and trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) for example not only require meticulous, precise techniques for covering the affected areas but also may require assistance with managing the disorders directly. Women with skin conditions like seborrhea or psoriasis need hair addition prostheses that are specifically designed not to cause allergic reactions or aggravate the skin or scalp.

And women with full heads of their own natural hair who may wish to add volume, length or color need to work with experts familiar with a host of hair extension installation methods to avoid causing traction alopecia, a hair loss disorder resulting from wearing hair extensions that are too tight and/or poorly installed.  In many cases, women may be experiencing several hair challenges like these at one time, so it’s particularly important to work with a qualified hair loss expert who can customize a hair solution that’s specific to each individual.

Unfortunately, finding a qualified hair loss expert/hair replacement specialist is not an easy process. Even more challenging is finding a hair loss expert/hair designer who can perform hair addition services across hair textures, varying hair lengths and hair/scalp conditions.  But it can be made easier by addressing a few key questions in the research process.

First, expect that no service will be performed without an extensive consultation. Information collected during this process might include previous salon services, medications taken, medically-diagnosed hair loss conditions, and overall condition of hair and scalp. Use this time to determine how much previous experience the practioner has with your hair loss condition.

Second, determine what examples of the practitioners work are available (before-and-after photos, media accolades, etc.). Find out if the practitioner has proven results in maintaining or improving the quality of the hair and scalp (i.e. client testimonials, photos of the hair/scalp following the procedure, etc.) Women in search of a qualified hair expert – regardless of whether we are losing our hair or are fortunate enough to have a full head of flowing locks – can take charge of their hair and scalp health by expecting a high level of service and attention to their specific needs. For more information on building a customized hair solution that meets your needs, contact Helen Owens at Her Secret Hair Extensions, 510-910-4850.

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