News Flash: the ONLY way to be successful in your field is by constantly learning and improving.

The challenge is finding the time to do it. Today I’ll share a technique that will give you 1-2 hours per day to do exactly this. Are you ready?


According to the 2007 Harvard Health Watch, Americans on average spent 101 minutes per day driving. Here’s the question: How do you spend your time in the car?

If your answer is “I listen to music”…well, you’re like most people. So become exceptional!

If your answer is “I don’t listen to anything. I drive in absolute silence”…congratulations as well! This is a powerful technique for focusing your mind on the next task. Interspersing periods of silence with audio enrichment is a powerful combination.If your answer is “I listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and audible versions of my chosen magazines”…congratulations! You have a winning edge (but you already knew that). In one year, you will have listened to over 600 hours of pure enrichment.

Safe and enriching travels on the road ahead!

May you dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve more.


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