It is that time of the year to enjoy warm summer breezes, the vivid colors of summer gardens and the cool shades of trees heavy with hues of green. It is also time to make the interior of your home a reflection of all this beauty. After all, your home is a sanctuary – a place to relax and unwind from the stresses of your life.

Color is so personal. There is no such thing as a bad color, just bad color combinations. A bit of red helps every room and adds fire. Pink ceilings cast a warm glow. Purple is a great color for outdoor upholstery as it matches the shadows of impressionist landscapes.

There is a language that lies within color as it fills the world with beauty. Delicate purple flowers, fiery red sunsets and the warm golden sunrise of the mid-October morning speak to us. The mystery of the rainbow, the vibrant variegation of Fall leaves that were green just weeks before, and the moon beams that sneak through the window at night all add pleasure and beauty to our world. Birds search for a mate with colorful plumage; humans feel best wearing their personal favorites. Color makes each home unique, a reflection of the unique life that inhabits a dwelling, whether humble or grand.

Color communicates. Stop signs are always red, and the hometown team wears its color proudly to differentiate themselves from their rival. Color renews and color heals. Color expresses mood; to feel blue is not the same as seeing red. A jealous person is green with envy while a coward is yellow. To be pale is not healthy; to be colorless is to be dull.

Color can also be used deceptively to draw the eye away from flaws. Let the homebuyer beware of a fresh paint job that hides the faulty plumbing in the dark corner of the garage. Many animals change their colors to blend in to their surroundings to hide from enemies. The camouflage of the soldier is to resist detection. The shades of grey give definition as a veil shrouded in secrecy.

Are your senses tantalized? Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone into living with color and celebrating who you are? Your home is your palette and Castle Comforts would love to guide you on your way to discovering what colors dazzle your senses and make you feel like your home really is where the heart is.

Fill your home with the beauty and joy of summer. If you like the feeling of a lovely sunny garden, reflect it into your home by using color & patterns on your furniture, window-coverings, area rugs, walls, bed coverings, plants, accessories, and art work.

If you feel more comfortable in a cool haven from the heat, use crisp white tones, greens, blues, teals, and plum hues which give the feeling of the reflection of water, luscious shades trees, and cool shaded gardens.

“A home reflects who you are, who you’ve been, and who you will be in the future.”

Author: Susan Duthie of Castle Comforts