Inquiring minds want to know what the story is behind Goat Race Coffee Co., so, we asked and received.

The fable of an Ethiopian Goatherder named Kaldi tells the story of the discovery of coffee in Ethiopia. We have no way of knowing if this is a true story, but stir’s one’s imagination when drinking a cup of amazing coffee.

Imagining Kaldi around 850 AD trying to herd his extremely rambunctious goats and wondering where they had captured so much energy. As he laid down to sleep, he observed the goats. Maybe he could discover how the goats came to have found this increased power.

The next day in the high Mountain plateau of Ethiopia, Kaldi watched his goats as they wondered the plains. He noticed the goats ate small red berries off the shrubs in the area. Once the goats had consumed the berries, they became energized. Kaldi tried the berries. His pulse increased, and he felt full of energy. He had discovered coffee.

Later, Kaldi shared his discovery with a local monk. The monk was interested in the notion that eating something could give energy. So the monk went with Kaldi and the goats to the same area, observing the same change in the goat’s energy.

With samples of the red berries, the monk returned to the Monastery and tried various methods of consuming the berries. During this process, he realized that he not only gained energy from the berries, they also helped him concentrate. Eventually, the monk roasted the seed and added it to boiling water, and drank it.

We at Goat Racer Coffee Co. believe that this fable captures the simplicity of life, being aware of little accidents that change our focus and lead us to life-changing results. So by starting your day with an amazing cup of Goat Racer Coffee, it gets you racing to achieve everything the day has in store for you.

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