We hope you aren’t eating lunch while reading this post! The image above is a prime example of what happens when rodents have a house party. Yuck! Keep reading to find out if this is happening to YOU!

Party Crashers

For most people, the thought of crawling under a house is repulsive; and it’s not a place for the claustrophobic.

From a home inspector’s point of view, the worst conditions in a crawlspace are water and rodents.  These two conditions often cause more damage under a house than anything else.

The photo above was taken from an Orinda crawlspace that had been ravaged by rodents. It looked like it had been decorated for Halloween.

Rodents will seek shelter during the cooler winter months. If there are damaged house ventilation screens or any open areas under a house foundation, rodents will find their way into the crawlspace. For them, there is no better place than a cozy crawlspace with fiberglass batt insulation under the subfloor to hangout.

The little guys get into the floor insulation to tunnel, nest, poop and gnaw on everything in sight… The result looks like a warzone when they’re done.

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