Message from the City of Livermore!

Livermore’s businesses help define the community and provide amenities and services that residents enjoy.  A strong partnership with the business community is crucial to the City’s economic vitality.  When our businesses succeed, our community succeeds. Since the 1920s, the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce has been the City’s partner in supporting businesses and entrepreneurs.

This year, the City Council’s goals and priorities include completing the Downtown Plan, encouraging an innovation-driven economy that supports business attraction and retention, and helping the community become emergency ready.

The City’s recent Summer/Fall 2018 Community Newsletter, highlighted elements of these goals:

1)  Implementation of the Downtown Plan to redevelop eight acres in the heart of Downtown, including information on parking improvements, which is the community’s top priority.  Throughout construction, businesses will continue to stay open and there will be even more parking than the 502 stalls originally available;

2) Success at The Switch, which serves as an activity hub for entrepreneurs across the Tri-Valley region, providing workspace and industrial lab space to a diverse community of startups, entrepreneurs, and professionals.  Currently, The Switch has more than 20 early-stage companies and past members have collectively raised more than $60 million in capital and employed over 250 people across the Tri-Valley; and

3) Earthquake Safety, including instructions on what to do during an earthquake.  Staff has also created a Disaster Preparedness page on the City website (, which features informational videos, including one to help businesses prepare for an emergency.

Work will continue on implementing the Downtown Plan in the coming months.  The two City Council meetings in September will include discussions on the implementation of the Downtown Plan.  The September 10th meeting will include a discussion of the Downtown hotel, and the L Street Parking Garage.  The September 24th meeting will include a discussion of Stockmen’s Park design, Downtown commercial development, including an agreement for new retail adjacent to Blacksmith Square, and housing (including the Development Agreement for 130-units of workforce housing).

Finally, businesses are invited to participate in three upcoming events that the City is hosting:

1) Seasonal Job Fair at the Robert Livermore Community Center on Tuesday, September 25; (employers should register at;

2) Tri-Valley Manufacturing Day 2018 Lunch Reception and Exhibit on Friday, October 5 at the Robert Livermore Community Center; and

3) Small Business Resource Fair on Wednesday, November 14 at the Livermore Public Library Civic Center.

The City would like to thank the local businesses for making Livermore a more vibrant place and wishes all of them continued success.