Livermore High School World Language Department Offers Latin

Classical Latin has returned to the Livermore High School World Language department after more than a 20 years’ absence! This highly respected and academically challenging subject of study is offered in only a few high schools in the bay area, and we are proud to be one of them. Students who are up for a challenge, can consider taking Latin 1 this fall.

The study of Latin is beneficial for several reasons, including a statistical increase in SAT scores due to the expansion of English vocabulary and the increased understanding of grammar and syntax. Many scientific, medical, and legal terms come from Latin vocabulary. Latin courses are very impressive to college admissions teams, who well know the rigor of Latin study and what it means in terms of verbal development for students.

In addition to the academic challenge and growth in Latin classes, students also enjoy the study of Roman history, mythology, and ancient authors such as Cicero, Vergil, Ovid, and Caesar. Latin instruction gives a context for reading classical literature and recognizing allusions to historical figures and events encountered while reading scholarly works.

Enrollment is key to the success of this nascent program (in Latin, nascens, nascentis means birth). Taking Latin classes for two years fulfills the UC World Language requirement. Interested students can contact Mary Kaye Brown, the Latin teacher, directly at She can help answer any questions you have and/or get you registered for the class. CARPE DIEM! (Seize the day!)

Additional Contacts:

School Board President Kate Runyon,[email protected] (925) 454-1139

Livermore High School Principal Alberto Solorzano, [email protected] (925) 606-4812

Livermore High School Latin Teacher Mary Kaye Brown, [email protected] (925) 606-4812

Communications and Community Engagement Consultant Sam Tobis, [email protected] (925) 724-9078