July 28, 2014 

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Livermore Public LIbrary chooses Peter Mayle’s novel “A good year” for Livermore Reads Together 2015


The votes are counted and the choice has been made!  Peter Mayle’s A Good Year is the Livermore Reads Together selection for 2015.

The Livermore community was asked to help choose the book for next year’s community reading program, Livermore Reads Together, by voting for one of four books.  After a fierce voting competition Mayle’s novel, about the business and pleasure of wine, won the day.  Livermore Reads Together takes place throughout the month of February 2015, and the library will host a series of events for children and adults based on the topics and themes found in A Good Year.

Peter Mayle’s breezy, uncomplicated fifth novel and ninth book follows 30-something Max Skinner from a sabotaged financial career in London to his adoption of the Provençal lifestyle on an inherited vineyard in France.  Max has recently lost his job at a London financial firm and just as recently learned that he has inherited his late uncle’s vineyard in Provence. On arrival he finds the climate delicious, the food even better, and


two of the locals ravishing. Unfortunately, the wine produced on his new property is swill.

Why then are so many people interested in it?  Enter a beguiling Californian who knows more about wine than Max does–and may have a better claim to the estate. Fizzy with intrigue, bursting with local color and savor, A Good Year is Mayle at his most entertaining.   Sit back with a nice glass of wine and enjoy this lighthearted and fun book.

Livermore Reads Together is the Livermore Public Library’s community reading program.  All events are free and open to the public, thanks to the generous support of the Friends of the Livermore Public Library.    For additional information check the library’s website at www.livermorelibrary.net.

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