Fruit of the Loom Commercial Filmed in Livermore, California

Fruit of the Loom Commercial

A television crew was in Livermore last month filming a new Fruit of the Loom television commercial, and it has debuted on-line.  The production company used Livermore for its ease of filming, the classic look, and cooperation they get from city officials and the community.

The backyard scene was filmed at Mayor Marshall Kamena’s home.  His yard was chosen because it was large enough for the horses, and had good access. Everyone in the neighborhood was very supportive of the project, allowing catering to use their driveways, the horses to use another yard with shade, and all the production vehicles to use their curb parking.

Filming day was one of Livermore’s first days with near 100 degree weather, and the Fruit of the Loom characters really earned their pay having to wear the costumes and shoot retake after retake.

The street scene was filmed on Tioga Pass Road in North Livermore. The whole neighborhood turned out to watch the stunt riders charge down the street on the horses. Filmed late in the day, the cameraman barely caught the shot because darkness was setting in.  It was a big rush to get the several takes they wanted in order to capture just the right shot.

The redwood forest and beach were filmed near Muir Woods and in Marin County.