Citywide Small Business Assistance Grant Program Going Before Council

Monday, August 24

 The City of Livermore, City Council will be discussing a COVID-19 Relief, Small Business Grant Program at Monday’s City Council Meeting. This Grant available to all businesses, even if your industry not allowed to open yet!

LDI has been in conversations with the Adam Van de Water and City’s Economic Development Department, over the last few months, on the possibility of a Small Business Grant Program for our local businesses.

Vice Mayor, Bob Woerner, directed City Staff to pursue the possibilities at the Council Meeting 2 weeks ago after the restaurant coalition brought forward concerns regarding the winter weather coming and need for weather proofing outdoor spaces for use.

We are thrilled to see this program coming forward and receiving the blessing of City Council on Monday. Please read our attached letter of endorsement and suggestions and send an email to the City Clerk’s email address with the following statement if you agree with the attached letter.

Regarding Item 6.02. (Business Name) located at (Business Address)requests that the City Council approve the Citywide Small Business Assistance Grant Program. We support the letter of endorsement and the suggestion to 50% Grant recommendation made by Livermore Downtown Inc. Thank you for your continued support of our small businesses through this pandemic. (Your Name)

Here are the main bullet points of the Grant and our suggestions.

1) City will contribute $2,000,000 from the General Fund

2) City Staff suggesting a 25% Grant up to $80,000 in expenses, so business would receive $20,000. LDI suggesting a 50% Grant up to $40,000 in expenses. In otherwords, If you spend $20,000, you get $5,000 at 25%. At 50%, you would receive $10,000.

3) This Grant will be retroactive to March 16, 2020.

4) This is for Pandemic expenses only. Anything you have purchased due to COVID-19 needs outside of normal business expenses. Start pulling all of your receipts back to March 16th for PPE Equipment or products. This also goes for businesses who have purchased, invested in needs but have not been allowed to reopen yet.

Click here to read our letter of Support and suggestions. LDI Letter

Click here for link to City Council Agenda and Staff Report. It is Item Agenda/Staff Report

Email Executive Director, Rachael Snedecor at if you have any questions. We will forward application to all of you as soon as ready. Do not delay applying as funds are limited.

The Livermore Downtown Inc. Team!