The Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce congratulates the City of Livermore and the community on the approval of the Downtown Plan Affordable Housing Component and the non-profit developer, Eden Housing.  After many years of a very public process in which LVCC participated, the project was approved on Tuesday 5/25/21, the second day of a 2-day long City Council meeting.  The 130-unit residential project is targeted towards the workforce with annual incomes ranging from the mid-$20,000 to $85,000 (depending on size of household).  Workers primarily in the service industries – private and public sectors – meeting the income criteria will be eligible to apply for these rental units.  With its beautiful Spanish Santa Barbara style (think L Street Veterans Building), the project is centrally located, complies with design and building requirements including parking, and accommodates space for future green/park space.  Most importantly, it satisfies the City’s obligation and commitment to provide affordable housing for Livermore’s current and future workforce on this site. The leadership and unwavering focus by City Council members, past and current; the due diligence and attention to detail by City staff and the Planning Commission; and the support of the community to act upon the vision to “make room” for workers that are the backbone of our economy in the “heart” of the City, demonstrates that this community is intentional in its actions to create an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable vision for its future. Read it here – LVCC Letter – Livermore City Council – Eden Housing Item 5.2 052421.