Get Ready, Get Set, GO-AL: Do you have winning goals for 2014?

January is in the history books, and we are almost halfway through Quarter 1. By now, you have your 2014 goals and you’re feeling great about the year (if not, stop reading this and do nothing else until you write your goals!). As a savvy business owner, you know that a powerful goal gives you the winning edge by focusing your team’s attention, energy, and time. Unfortunately, many goals are low quality and lack power (i.e. lame). For example, a business may set a goal “to increase sales”. To ensure your goals will carry you and your team through 2014, check that they’re in the “SMART” format:


goals image

Specific: as clear as possible

Measurable: you have the systems in place to measure progress and achievement

Actionable: your team can act on the goal

Resourced: you have the needed resources to achieve the goal

Time-bound: the goal has a deadline

Here’s how we might SMARTen up the goal to increase sales: “We will increase our sales in 2014 by 65% over 2013.” This is now a goal that you use to plan, measure, forecast, and communicate to your team.

My very best to you and your business for 2014…may you dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve more!

Coach Alay

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Alay Yajnik is a certified business coach. Coach Alay’s passion is working with Tri-Valley business owners to grow their businesses and reclaim their time. Visit Coach Alay’s website for more business ideas: