Welcome AAA Live Scan to Downtown Livermore!

AAA Live Scan


1576 2nd Street #E – Livermore, CA 94550

925.493.7926 email: [email protected]

AAA Live Scan is a duly authorized Department of Justice ( DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) fingerprinting service provider.  We use state-of-the-art technology to capture your fingerprint information, which is sent within hours rather than days.  Our digital scanner equipment is able to provide both in-house and mobile live scan fingerprinting services, and is manufactured and maintained by experts to ensure they function at the highest level of efficiency.

AAA Live Scan’s goal is to provide you with the fastest and most reliable service, at a competitive rate, without sacrificing security and quality.

AAA Live Scan was founded due to the increasing need for high quality live scan services in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide services quickly and efficiently while keeping your information confidential. It is our ambition to provide mobile and in-office live scan services to the Livermore Area and surrounding neighborhoods.