Intersect Power LogoIntersect Power is working closely with Alameda County residents, businesses, and the political leaders to bring Aramis Solar, a 100 MW solar power plus storage project to North Livermore. The Aramis project would be one of northern California’s largest solar projects of clean energy, enough to power 25,000 Bay Area homes each year and off set 200,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

After nearly three years of extensive study and public input, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors is set to consider approval of the Aramis Solar Project on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. You can participate in the hearing via the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting website. You can also provide written comments to the Board of Supervisors and send them to [email protected]

A green local energy project in North Livermore, Aramis is a solar project that Livermore and all of Alameda County can be proud of with its innovative and thoughtful design principles, including:

Agrivoltaics: Aramis will operate as a renewable energy generator and a working farm, combining solar arrays with pollinator forage, honey production, sheep grazing, and other regenerative agricultural practices.

Storage Capacity: Aramis includes a 4-hour electrical storage capacity that will substantially enhance local electrical reliability for the citizens of Livermore and Alameda County by dispatching renewable energy not just when the sun is shining, but when homes and businesses need it most.

Habitat Protection and Enhancements: Aramis is designed modularly, along Cayetano Creek to flow through the project site unimpeded and allowing the mature riparian oak tress to continue to thrive. The Aramis site will remain open to wildlife during operation. Pollinator enhancing vegetation will be planted, improving habitat conditions for native insects and small birds and the site will be managed to optimize raptor foraging.

Recreational & Educational Benefits: Aramis will dedicate land for a public hiking trail along Cayetano Creek, opening up previously private land to public use, and enhancing STEM educational opportunities for Bay Area students.

Local Economic Support: Construction of the Aramis project will generate over 400 local jobs. Aramis has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring local labor will benefit from the project by entering into a Project Labor Agreement ensuring 100% local union labor with five local trades. In addition, as a partner with the Aramis solar project, Nextracker’s Founder and CEO has committed to training up to two dozen people through their PowerworX Academy program at their Center for Solar Excellence in Fremont.

Broad Community Support: As with any new development proposal, there are neighbors and residents who oppose the Aramis project, but unique to the Aramis project is the incredible amount of support from environmental, community, local business and leadership support including: Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Assembly Member Bill Quirk, Innovation TRIVALLEY, and the Cities of Hayward, Berkeley, Union City and Emeryville to name just a few.

Visit the Alameda County webpage for more background information or to participate in the upcoming hearing. Visit the Aramis Project webpage for more project information and updates.