When I was elected Mayor, the Chamber of Commerce welcomed me onto their Board.  It has been an honor to have served with leaders from our business, science and education communities and I have enjoyed our partnership immensely.  Having the Mayor on the Chamber Board is significant because it demonstrates an understanding about the importance of business in our community.   Our communities succeed when our businesses succeed.

As I reach the end of my nine-year tenure, it has been a tremendous honor to have served as your Mayor.  We’ve gotten a lot done in these past nine years.   We have finished the first phase of Stockmen’s Park, a promise made 58 years ago, and added 57 new pieces of public art at no public expense.

How were we able to get so much done?  I was fortunate to work with many remarkable people, both the City staff and my fellow Council Members.   The City staff didn’t work for me, instead we worked together as a team.  You can get more done if you let others take the credit.  I always believed in leading by example.

In closing I am thankful for the remarkable people with whom I was honored to work.  That is what I will miss most about this job, the people.   My thanks to Mayor-elect Bob Woerner, the City is in good hands.  Thanks as well to Council Members Bob Carling, Bob Coomber, Trish Munro, and I welcome new Council Member Britni Kiick.

I have been blessed to work with extraordinary people in this extraordinary place, Livermore.

Be safe and stay well.

Mayor John Marchand