The Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce’s President and CEO, Dawn Argula, attended the Livermore Rodeo Mixer on Wednesday, June 7. Dawn participated in the Green Horn Branding (pancake batter!) Event.

Photo #1: Dawn is seen with Alameda County Supervisor David Haubert, Livermore City Manager Marianna Marysheva and Police Chief Jeremy Young, and Mixer Helper Lauren. Jeremy and Marianna won second and third place awards.

The Chamber rode the Livermore Wine Trolley in the Livermore Rodeo Parade on Saturday, June 11.

Photo #2: Rodeo Parade on Saturday morning. Chamber board members, Deborah Finestone, Scott Wilson, John Marchand (former), Chamber Ambassadors Ricky Walters and Gloria Landavazo, Team LVCC Martha, Dawn and Olivia (former), family and friends.