On Wednesday, October 12, the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new member, Garden of Eden, with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. They are located at 7000 Tesla Road in Livermore.

From their website: “Over 15 years ago, Garden of Eden opened its doors for the first time to the residents of Alameda County. What started out as a refuge for community members seeking responsibly sourced medical cannabis in the quasi-legal market of its time, has strengthened its roots and weathered the storms, to become one of the Bay Area’s oldest retail dispensaries. Now fully licensed and open for recreational sales, Garden of Eden offers a curated selection of a variety of cannabis products, choosing quality over quantity for our customers since 2003. That same quality-first approach has won Garden of Eden the award for Best Flower Selection in the East Bay Area, further solidifying our commitment to become a pillar in the community for clean, high-quality cannabis products.”

All photographs were provided by Ron Essex Photography.